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Join The TAskforce Before 2021 

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If you are unable to make a donation, no worries, there are other ways to have your name added to the list. 

As Little As A Thousand Dollars!  Will add your name on the Operation 180 Turn Around Task-Force List. 

Register Your Planned Party or Create A New To Have A Giving Party To Help Rescue!  Host A Fundraising Drive

  • Company Party

  • Business Gatherings

  • Halloween Party

  • Thanksgiving Gathering

  • Christmas Party

  • Dog Events

  • Birthday Party

  • Wedding Groups

  • Family Gatherings

  • Social Group Events

  • Sports Groups

  • Church Functions

  • Customer Appreciation

  • Employee Appreciation

  • EvenHost Or Turn Your Already Planned Party Into Giving Party 

  • BBQ Event - Company, Friends

  • You can be creative and create your own event

  • Hair Salons 


Gatherings With A Purpose!!! We are looking for 30 or more parties dedicated to helping rescue children.

Suppose you or your business is hosting a Cocktail Party, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Party, New Years' Eve Party, Employees, any Customer Event. Wouldn't it be great to turn your gathering to making a direct impact against child abuse, trafficking, and child pornography? Collectively, You and your friends, co-workers, customers, neighborhood, social group, church group, or sports team can raise $1,000 to have your name added to the Defenders for Childrens Operation 180 Turn Around Taskforce list. With a little effort, you will help Defenders For Children donate more of the Amazing Much Needed Tools, the Electronic Detection K9s with Law Enforcement Agencies that deal with high levels of child abuse, trafficking, and child pornography. The remarkable K9s will locate Hidden Evidence that will Rescue Children and STOP those who are hurting the children.


You have a unique opportunity to add your name, company, church, the neighborhood onto the ongoing task force list as those who care. The list will be publicized in January.


Its Pretty Simple: Ask Friends, Co-Workers, Church Groups, School -

  • 10      $100 each

  • 20      $50 each

  • 30      $35 each

  • 40      $25 each

  • 50      $20 each

  • 60      $17 each

  • 100    $10 each


The more you raise, the more exposure you will receive.


All New Operation 180 Taskforce members will have their name added to a chance to win a couple of very nice prizes. Existing TaskForce Members can have their names added by upgrading levels. Details are announced soon.

Due To COVID 19 ALL, all scheduled events have been postponed until further notice.  Due To COVID 19 More Children are at risk of Child Abuse, Child Pornography, and Trafficking.  We need o move much faster and Electronic Detection K9's Need More than ever.  If you can help by making any size donation, or create your own fundraising event within your office, church, or social events.  Please consider doing what you can to help rescue more children and arrest more offenders. 


Halls Management Group is hosting VIP Fundraising Events at three locations. 

Columbia, Greenville, Charleston.

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